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Marie-Anick Serrurier

Léa est une personne magnifique et dévouée. À l'écoute des battements de votre coeur et de votre petite voix intérieure. Elle saura vous écouter et vous guider pour vous apprendre à prendre soin de votre âme et à laisser l'harmonie vous envelopper. A l'aide des mantras, des mudras et de l'énergie de notre terre Mère, elle saura vous enseigner comment la méditation peut rendre votre âme paisible et votre vie Amour....


great information.

Fay Prince

Hello EVERYONE! I just want to say a BIG Thank-You to Lea & her WonderFull music! Especially the Kirtan, the Mantra's...They a VERY powerFull! I have attended so many of them & it's a great experience every time! I also believe that it has helped me to manifest the perfect partner for me! I had concentrated on a couple of the Mantra's that "Call in" Divine Love & it's appeared like Magic in my life! <3 So gratefull right now!
Thank you Lea for ALL that you have done & are doing to raise Consciousness on this planet! Big (((Hugs)))

Pete B.

Lea, thank you again for the meditation session. You gently guided me through the mantras allowing to reconnect with True Self even for a few brief moments. Listening to your soothing voice on CD after the session reminded me the peace I felt in your graceful presence. I am looking forward to our next session...

Lea Longo

Hello Peter , thank you for your interest , The sessions are 85$ per session but the monthly programs are very personal and you will achieve better results in a continuous practice.

I also have yearly unlimited programs. Please call me 514 917 5322 to get a Free Consultation and we can both assess what is best for you . namaste Lea

Maria Sam

Meditation is a huge answer of a group of things. Thank you very much for your great efforts. It'll be appreciated to all of the beginners.


Thank you Lea for helping me one on one..
The meditation has been helping me so much.
I am learning how to remain calm, breathe and LIVE in the moment.
Thanking for reaching out and checking on how I am doing! :)

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