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Enjoy New CD by Lea Longo and DJ Taz Rashid entitled LONGO LOUNGE : easy listening album with enchanting melodic mantras, downtempo grooves on a bed of smooth lounge soundbeats,  The Chill out CD where mantra meets lounge ! 


You will be hypnotized!  




3 Ways to Feel Good Immediately by Activating the Pineal Gland and the Breath


Sometimes, you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, but it is not always easy to just stop everything and reconnect with your inner self. Here are a few tips to feel good in a flash.

1- Breathe deeply (try the Breath of Fire)

Focusing on the breath brings many benefits and can help change your mood almost instantly. In Kundalini Yoga, there is a breathwork exercise called “Breath of Fire”. Doing this exercise will instantly calm you, and also stimulate your metabolism, cleanse your blood and help your digestive system. I often do this exercise when I wake up or need a quick boost.


Bring your hands to your navel area, breathing in and out through your nose. Breathe with even inhale and exhale breaths while pumping the belly and focusing on the “out” breath.

The belly should be coming in and out effortlessly.

Close your eyes and feel the energy of the Kundalini Shakti expand throughout your body while doing this exercise.

 **IMP Note : the focus should be on the OUT breath and not the INHALE 

2- Stretch your body

We often forget the benefits of simple exercises.

Just simply stretching your body from top to bottom has many benefits: it can be as simple as raising your arms and hands above your head and stretching for fews seconds.

Stretching increases your blood flow and circulation for a healthier body. It wakes up your muscles and improves flexibility by loosening up the tightness.

Stretching sends oxygen to your brain for a clearer mind and better mood. Yawning also helps cool  your brain temperature, promoting a healthy brain.




3-Meditate and chant “om”                                    (Focus on the third eye by activating the pineal gland)

Activating your pineal gland through meditation techniques like chanting “om” for a few minutes may be helpful for regulating your mood, energy levels and can even help increase intuition.

In yoga, we often refer to the third eye as the space between the eyebrows right on the forehead, which is the the pineal gland. This gland, also called the “third eye,” is a mystical chakra point residing right in between your eyebrows. The small, rice-sized, pine cone-shaped endocrine organ (known as the pineal gland) sits alone in the middle of the brain and at the same level as the eyes.

The famous philosopher Descartes described the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the soul.”

What does the pineal gland do?

How you think and feel every day depends on the pineal gland. It produces melatonin: the quality and duration of your sleep relies on how well it produces the hormone. This tiny organ regulates your daily and seasonal sleep cycles and rhythms and the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance.


Chanting “om” (even just quietly in your head) liberates your inner emotions and therefore, brings you back to your core essence.

Try it! Close your eyes, focus on the space between your eyebrows and chant “om” silently.


I love helping people get out of their minds and into their hearts. It is a passion and joy to see people’s face change when they meditate.

If you would like to try a private meditation session with me, or a free guided meditation, please feel free to contact me at zenvoyage@gmail.com.

Until then,


Lea xo

5 steps to Healing with Mindfulness and Chant Meditation

 1-Listen to Meditation Music  

When Sound meets the Heart

Have you ever listened to a song, only to find a sweet (or painful ) feeling in our heart ?

Those memories come back flourishing into your presence and mind, by the words of the song sung over and over. The moments that you are feeling seemed to feel like it was just yesterday... But what if we re-programmed our minds with new memories by discovering and listening to new songs and meditation music that makes us feel good?

That is called cellular memory. Cellular memory is like a "program" or your computer's "hard disk" which stores all of these moments: energetically, physically and spiritually in your "computer" = mind. 

The mind is a multi-complicated beast but we can also train this mind, if we wanted to.  The cellular memory which holds all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior can improve or impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our destiny. So go and re-discover new music and start feeling good again !  


2 - Awareness - Bring into Mindfulness 

Being aware of .. and realizing what the issue is at hand, will start the healing process at its first step.

Stress, anxiety, emotions and then allowing it to happen, observing, then using mindfulness as a tool, with no reaction.

Just bringing the mind into awareness is a first step. 


3- The Breath

Notice where you are breathing from. Is it shallow ? Is it long, short?  Can you take a deep breath and relax?  

Where is your breath now?  

When we put ATTENTION to our breath, we bring our focus and attention away from outside (and the mind) and into our bodies, the INSIDE of us - Into our Breath, our Core Being , our LIFE .  Prana ...So... how are you breathing ..... ?  

Can you take a moment to count 1-10 and breathe deep. Focus on it . See what happens . Close your eyes and count. Go for it.



4-  Make a Sound- Use your Voice and Chant !

There is a reason we use our voices when we whistle, hum a tune, or when we chant OM  in a yoga class. We use our voices to tune in, to express , to let go, and in essence to heal . The voice is essential for us to FEEL GOOD.

But when we chant a mantra, we are tapping into our brain chemistry through the vibrational energy. Chanting Mantras normalizes hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being. It’s all about the hypothalamus, (the control tower of the brain) that regulates communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system, taking in information from the entire body, before transmitting outward again, via chemical messengers. These "messengers"affect everything from mood to appetite to sleep. It is perhaps the single most important link in the mind-body connection. When we use our voice to chant mantra, we are starting a vibration that energizes and lifts our whole being with that vibrational energy. It feels good to chant !

5- Letting go 

When in meditation, thoughts may arise and try to take over your mind. It is important to let all self-judgements go. The first person we blame is our self.  Often, it is challenging to overcome certain obstacles, but if we look and observe closely enough, our biggest enemy is often our own self and our own thoughts. We blame and criticize ourself for not achieving this or that, and simply do not realize that our own thoughts are the real enemy. We are self destructive. If we start by letting go of those self-destructive thoughts, we can learn to love ourselves again.  

xo Lea 



Healing with Mantra, Meditation and Sound Yoga

Healing Mantra Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Lea Longo 


Come discover the healing tools inside of you, work up close and personal with me, & De-Stress from your daily mental chatter. 


ABOUT The Workshop:

In the Mantra Yoga & Voice Workshop , we will work with the both the body and the voice with a focus on mantras, the primordial sound ( OM ) and chakra meditation.

This workshop is aimed at releasing vocal and physical tensions & explore your sound (voice) in the light of ancient sacred texts for improved health, happiness, and vitality.    (no musical experience required)

We will also cover the following :  

  • Sound Mantra, how vibration works in the body, your resonance, and how to heal with kundalini shakti
  • Breathing and Voice Projection
  • Chanting Mantras Meditation
  • Healing with Mantras
  • Body work with Kundalini Yoga 



  • Day workshop/evening meditation (kirtan)
  • (There will be a group mantra meditation session following) 
  • Q & A afterwards 


*If you ever wanted to explore mantras, your voice ( how to project & use it effectively) and learn how to meditate,and feel inner peace at a deeper level, this is for you!


If you would like to attend this workshop or book this workshop in your studio or venue,

please contact media@lealongo.com for REGISTRATION FEES and Additional information.


What you will Feel :

  • inner peace
  • increased focus and awareness
  • connection to your voice and body
  • happiness and joy !
  • relaxed mind and body
  • higher state of consciousness  


Need more Info? ( go here ) and scroll to the bottom of page 


To optimize time, this workshop will be given in English with a French translation when needed ***




Concert with Deva Premal and Miten was a dream come true

Singing with DEVA PREMAL!

This past weekend, I came to realize one of my many dreams and manifestations that I had ever imagined.  To sing on stage with the divine Deva Premal and Miten, and sharing the musical love of mantra, music, and healing energy. What a thrill ! Somebody pinch me!

I can't express the mixed feelings of joy, bliss, wonder, excitement, and even performance anxiety, as I entered the empty hall on Saturday afternoon.  I could not imagine what it would be like ... to sing on stage with one (if not the greatest) Best New Age/spiritual female vocalists of our era. The one who sang and popularized the "Gayatri Mantra" when mantra was simply a term for the "new age" folks only.  

Today, we are singing a different tune with mantra music. It is a healing experience and this is for everyone, not just "yoga" folks.  This past weekend was proof to that.  

As they stepped on stage, Miten was cool and collective, and lead the band into sound check.  It was great to see the beautiful energy they had together..... even at a sound check. Many musicians will admit, and know that soundcheck is not all that fun. It is real, tedious work to make sure all the technicalities are in place, and above all, the concoction of sounds played by the musicians,to blend together nicely... like a warm, home-made, delicious soup.  And that's the feeling and sound we got, when they finally stepped on stage that evening. When they played their first note, we received that warm, welcoming feeling. 

Welcome Home or "OM".  

When Deva sang her first note,(OM was the first sound we sang)  it was like an angel came down and caressed our soul with pure love. She is an amazing vocalist and healer.

Miten sang several tunes from his new album "Temple at Midnight" and his playing and voice was simply supreme. I felt and heard some Dylan influence in his songs, especially "River Man".  His talent as a musician and energy healer is something every musician should check out (in my opinion).  Cause it is not always about the music. It is about the Energy. And Miten has "IT".   So grateful to have had the opportunity to hear him up close and personal. :-)

Then there was Manose, the bansuri flute player, he was an embodiment of Krishna, divine love; with his beautiful sweet sounds that enveloped the room so gracefully.  

And you can not forget Rishi, the percussionist. He was definitely holding our hearts so tenderly with every beat. You could have felt his energy in his every tap, every glance. He was definitely very influential in raising our vibrations to another planet.  In my case, I was on the moon !  

It's chanting time, Lea ! 

Halfway into the 2nd set, I was called on stage.... so there I went. I stepped on the stage, blending my voice with Deva's, and moving the energy with the band... I think I was in the clouds.  

Funny enough, we sang "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"  one of my favorite mantras of all time, and we hadn't even practised it in sound check !!!  

Wow, talk about .. going with the flow !  But it went really well and I was so in Bliss!  :-)  I am so grateful for that experience, and it will be something I will never forget.


Mantra Music as Healing Practice

One thing I realized this weekend at Deva & Miten's concert, is that what they offer is far more beneficial than a "regular" concert. This was not your typical concert.  Their concert offers way more than that. This was a healing experience.  

For one song, (a mantra chant) where Miten explains that the melody was written by Manose, was a powerful example of where music meets healing. In this Chant, Namaste Namaste,Chidananda Rupeh, meaning "I bow to the one, Lord Shiva, the conscious mind immersed in bliss and happiness" where Miten asks us to sing to our partner, and then to the person sitting beside us.  

Wow, what an experience !  I could feel my heart opening and break free the energy within, and outwards. It was so amazing, I wanted to cry.  Therapeutic, it was ....

One Voice

At the end, the audience was also invited to go on stage with them to sing together as one.  This was unreal. I mean....which artists would invite their audience on stage to sing with them ?   NADA , none.  But to Deva and Miten, clearly, there is no separation between us.

As Deva explained to us, in her tender, soothing voice.... "Tonight, together, we are one voice" and one voice we were ....

Here is a little excerpt where I shared my voice singing with Deva and Miten.. 

Lea Longo sings with Deva Premal and Miten in Montreal 

To check for Deva Premal and Miten Upcoming concerts

Visit their website, http://devapremalmiten.com

Namaste, Lea xox


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Soirée kirtan au Studio Équilibrium | Web et Mascara


Vendredi dernier, je me suis rendue au Equilibrium Yoga, Méditation pour une séance de kirtan avec Lea Longo, dans le cadre des vendredis Zen Experience; deux heures de chants méditatifs en groupe et de mantras pour guérir l’âme et l’esprit.



Bon. Ça n’a pas commencé comme prévu : d’abord, on s’est perdues (c’est pas comme si c’était compliqué, c’est en plein sur Saint-Laurent, bien en évidence).

Puis, on a oublié le parcomètre (une séance de kirtan à 20$ chacun, plus 52$ d’amende, ça fait cher le mantra).

L’alarme incendie s’est mise à sonner en pleine séance, ce qui a un peu gâché l’ambiance, mais pas autant que la dame frustrée dans le coin de la pièce qui semblait trouver un commentaire désagréable à marmonner en toutes circonstances.

En dehors de ces désagréments mineurs, l’expérience valait le détour : bien que je ne parle pas couramment le sanskrit (ce n’était pas offert comme langue seconde au CEGEP), les mantras étaient chantés assez souvent pour bien en saisir la prononciation.

Léa Longo, qui animait la séance de sa voix mélodieuse et invitante, expliquait la signification de chaque mantra avant le chant et appuyait bien chaque syllabe pour que tout le monde puisse participer à la récitation. Son accompagnateur grattait la guitare pour nous servir des airs exotiques, mystérieux ou enjoués, guidant les voix et contribuant à l’intensité de l’ambiance.

Léa Longo

Léa Longo

Le résultat? Un ensemble tantôt joyeux, tapant des mains dans une salle emplie d’une innocente et pure bienveillance, tantôt contemplatif et concentré dans une ambiance de temple bouddhiste. Une expérience géniale.1

J’avais pensé trouver les 2 heures de la séance trop longues, mais pour ma part, le temps a filé très rapidement. Mes accompagnatrices, toutefois, n’étaient pas de cet avis : novices, armez-vous de patience!

Le sentiment vibrant de sa voix qui se joint à d’autres dans une ode à la paix, l’amour, la guérison et le renouveau est une expérience spirituelle exquise, un doux massage de l’intérieur et offre la sensation de faire partie de quelque chose de plus grand que soi.

yogastudiocalgary.ca image

yogastudiocalgary.ca imagePour pleinement en profiter, il s’agit d’arriver l’esprit ouvert, sans jugement ni peur d’être jugé. À savourer tous les premiers vendredis du mois avec Léa Longo dans différents studios de yoga de Montréal. Pour tous les détails, cliquez ici.

Pour pleinement en profiter, il s’agit d’arriver l’esprit ouvert, sans jugement ni peur d’être jugé. À savourer tous les premiers vendredis du mois avec Léa Longo dans différents studios de yoga de Montréal. Pour tous les détails, cliquez ici.

 9 septembre 2016 par  (c) Web et Mascara

Original Post Here: Soirée kirtan au Studio Équilibrium | Web et Mascara.

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How to De-stress with mantras for well being


EngBanner A3 JPEG
When I discovered mantras 10 years ago, I had no clue my life was gonna change . I have to admit it has not been easy at times. 

If it were not for this mantra discovery, I would have probably not been in the same mental-state today. Stress is no-doubt a No# 1 killer today and it is so easy for this evil beast to overcome our daily thoughts and inner peace that we are so entitled to live.  

Choose Inner Peace , Not Stress! 


But the Question is... HOW ?

a look at mantra, its benefits and why it is becoming another tool for meditation with music…


What is Mantra Chanting? 

Mantra chanting is the easiest way to clear the mind… When we chant, we are chanting ancient sacred texts (the mantras) in a call-response fashion. Usually there is one leader (in a group kirtan) called the kirtankar and the group repeats exactly the words, thereafter…or if you are alone at home or car, you can follow a music mp3 that guides you as well.  

This is done for a longer period of time to let the mind tune itself to the mantra…by chanting in a repetitive form, your mind has no way to wander, and it is much easier than silent meditation, therefore very good for beginners. You can then experience your voice within… 

Mantras are used in a kirtan practice. Sometimes we can chant acapella and sometimes with the accompaniment of instruments such as the harmonium, or shruti and various percussions.  There is no right or wrong way. There are no set rules for chanting. The most wonderful thing about mantra meditation is that one may chant anywhere -- at home, at work, driving in the car, in a group setting, or riding on the bus or subway. And one may chant at any time.


What will I get out of this?

Latest studies have shown that yoga and meditation increasingly help to relieve stress and several health problems like high blood pressure and emotional depression. 

For centuries, the therapeutic value of music and sound has been known. Specific sounds and music were played as a form of natural medicine. Now you can enjoy the mantras and sound healing right where you are…

In Kundalini Yoga, it is implemented as part of the practice where we not only work on the physical body with postures and kriyas, but also on the mind and internal bodies with breathing and mantra meditation. When I feel "off" I chant this mantra:


The Mantra for Well- Being and Neutrality - SA TA NA MA

(Kirtan Kriya)  REPEAT the mantra SA - TA - NA -MA  

SA TA NA MA - which is a kundalini mantra that helps to balance the left and right hemisphere soft the brain and achieve neutrality after chanting it for a * min of 11 min.  Take 3 deep breaths as you listen to the beginning where I sing an english Text I wrote for the mantra, and following the SA TA NA MA , please repeat the mantra and try for yourself. 

Try it and let me know your thoughts !  :-) 

Listen to the Full Mp3 below:


Why a "TIME OUT" is essential to relieve the evil beast - Stress! 

And the next answer to this is .... "But I have no time".  But deep inside we all know this is not true .  If we are truly FED UP with feeling stressed and limiting our inner happiness and inner peace, we will do something about it. I ask you this question , do you truly want to feel more peaceful? 

Sometimes even a 5 minute "time-out" is all you need .  When you don't know what to do, just close your eyes and breathe deep ... count for 5 seconds .  If your driving, just breathe, hold for 5 and exhale.  If you are familiar with mantra, REPEAT your mantra while deep breathing... 

You must TRY it to experience it 

For those who would like to try this ancient but "new" meditation, I suggest attending a kirtan or a kundalini yoga class where the mantras are given to you and you can hear the exact pronunciation (important) and experience the serene feeling for yourself…

For More Info on Meditation Mantra Sessions with Lea   Click HERE

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