Healing with Mantra, Meditation and Sound Yoga
Mantra Singer, Meditation and Transformational Life Coach

5 steps to Healing with Mindfulness and Chant Meditation

 1-Listen to Meditation Music  

When Sound meets the Heart

Have you ever listened to a song, only to find a sweet (or painful ) feeling in our heart ?

Those memories come back flourishing into your presence and mind, by the words of the song sung over and over. The moments that you are feeling seemed to feel like it was just yesterday... But what if we re-programmed our minds with new memories by discovering and listening to new songs and meditation music that makes us feel good?

That is called cellular memory. Cellular memory is like a "program" or your computer's "hard disk" which stores all of these moments: energetically, physically and spiritually in your "computer" = mind. 

The mind is a multi-complicated beast but we can also train this mind, if we wanted to.  The cellular memory which holds all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behavior can improve or impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our destiny. So go and re-discover new music and start feeling good again !  


2 - Awareness - Bring into Mindfulness 

Being aware of .. and realizing what the issue is at hand, will start the healing process at its first step.

Stress, anxiety, emotions and then allowing it to happen, observing, then using mindfulness as a tool, with no reaction.

Just bringing the mind into awareness is a first step. 


3- The Breath

Notice where you are breathing from. Is it shallow ? Is it long, short?  Can you take a deep breath and relax?  

Where is your breath now?  

When we put ATTENTION to our breath, we bring our focus and attention away from outside (and the mind) and into our bodies, the INSIDE of us - Into our Breath, our Core Being , our LIFE .  Prana ...So... how are you breathing ..... ?  

Can you take a moment to count 1-10 and breathe deep. Focus on it . See what happens . Close your eyes and count. Go for it.



4-  Make a Sound- Use your Voice and Chant !

There is a reason we use our voices when we whistle, hum a tune, or when we chant OM  in a yoga class. We use our voices to tune in, to express , to let go, and in essence to heal . The voice is essential for us to FEEL GOOD.

But when we chant a mantra, we are tapping into our brain chemistry through the vibrational energy. Chanting Mantras normalizes hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being. It’s all about the hypothalamus, (the control tower of the brain) that regulates communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system, taking in information from the entire body, before transmitting outward again, via chemical messengers. These "messengers"affect everything from mood to appetite to sleep. It is perhaps the single most important link in the mind-body connection. When we use our voice to chant mantra, we are starting a vibration that energizes and lifts our whole being with that vibrational energy. It feels good to chant !

5- Letting go 

When in meditation, thoughts may arise and try to take over your mind. It is important to let all self-judgements go. The first person we blame is our self.  Often, it is challenging to overcome certain obstacles, but if we look and observe closely enough, our biggest enemy is often our own self and our own thoughts. We blame and criticize ourself for not achieving this or that, and simply do not realize that our own thoughts are the real enemy. We are self destructive. If we start by letting go of those self-destructive thoughts, we can learn to love ourselves again.  

xo Lea 





Great ideas. Thanks

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