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Mantra Singer, Meditation and Transformational Life Coach


Welcome !  Thanks for dropping in !  


My Personal Story

Hi, My name is Lea Longo living in Montreal. I have a great passion for music, mantra yoga, and meditation. I have a unique background coming from a musical background of pop and jazz music (I have a BACHELOR in FINE arts with a JAZZ Studies major) and I was raised in an italian community where italian music and food was predominant as well, thus, the many italian wedding songs I have sung!

One thing to know about me is that I'm a sucker for a great melody, great mediterranean food and I love to travel.


About the Music 

I've had the pleasure of pursuing my music career in Hollywood and Montreal, from singing, winning songwriting awards and landing many successful songwriting placements in films, tv shows, and popular hollywood movies with my songs, (Dawson's Creek, Cheaper by the Dozen) while I lived in California for 3 years. My first pop album was very challenging to complete at first, but when it was finally released, the songs successfully soared and did quite well. I've recorded and released 4 more albums since then, mostly in the New Age and Mantra Music genre. The music was very well received and the album SONGS OF A SIREN (mantra/jazz) album also received a NOMINATION for  for BEST VOCAL ALBUM of the YEAR


About the Yoga & my Transformation

Although the music career was promising, I felt completely lost. My marriage was shattered by external negative forces and my communication was simply non-existent. I had post-partum depression and I had completely shut myself down. I had lost my purpose and my soul was crying out... LOUDLY!  It's a very sad moment (and especially to not know "how & why") to lose your "self" & those around you that you deeply love... 

It is when I visited India that everything changed. I discovered mantras. My transformation began, very slowly. :-/

Since that day, I haven't looked back. My musical direction changed, my whole life changed, and everything around me just started to make sense again. But it was not always easy. In fact, I was blinded by the signs around me. But I had faith and lots of passion!  I became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and studied the science of Mantra Yoga. I also enrolled myself into Landmark Education where my conversation with myself and others started transforming. I hired coaches, mentors which eventually lead me to become a private coach myself. Everything I learned, I put into practice into my own life, and it worked.  But it was a long process. But I finally came home.

Of course, there were many obstacles & challenges along the way !! But everything is possible, because where there is a will, there is a way !  

But the question is... how bad do you want it?  ( "IT" - being whatever your missing or trying to solve !)


Infinite Joy Now FOR YOU !

So my goal today, is to help as many people as possible to find your way home,

re-discover your infinite joy, re-define your purpose, attain freedom, Excellent Mental Health, and release the stress!  



Whether that will be through music, private coaching & meditation, kundalini yoga or simple daily mantras, I'm passionate about it, and I know now that we all have that blueprint laying in our subconscious minds, and in our divine spirit, but we are not awakened by it.  Let me help you find yours!


Live Happy NOW!   Time is ticking... 

If you would like to personally work with me and re-awaken your inner spirit, purpose and joy,


Connect with me HERE for your FREE Consultation.


I look forward to speaking with,


With Love

Lea xo 




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