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Concert with Deva Premal and Miten was a dream come true

Singing with DEVA PREMAL!

This past weekend, I came to realize one of my many dreams and manifestations that I had ever imagined.  To sing on stage with the divine Deva Premal and Miten, and sharing the musical love of mantra, music, and healing energy. What a thrill ! Somebody pinch me!

I can't express the mixed feelings of joy, bliss, wonder, excitement, and even performance anxiety, as I entered the empty hall on Saturday afternoon.  I could not imagine what it would be like ... to sing on stage with one (if not the greatest) Best New Age/spiritual female vocalists of our era. The one who sang and popularized the "Gayatri Mantra" when mantra was simply a term for the "new age" folks only.  

Today, we are singing a different tune with mantra music. It is a healing experience and this is for everyone, not just "yoga" folks.  This past weekend was proof to that.  

As they stepped on stage, Miten was cool and collective, and lead the band into sound check.  It was great to see the beautiful energy they had together..... even at a sound check. Many musicians will admit, and know that soundcheck is not all that fun. It is real, tedious work to make sure all the technicalities are in place, and above all, the concoction of sounds played by the musicians,to blend together nicely... like a warm, home-made, delicious soup.  And that's the feeling and sound we got, when they finally stepped on stage that evening. When they played their first note, we received that warm, welcoming feeling. 

Welcome Home or "OM".  

When Deva sang her first note,(OM was the first sound we sang)  it was like an angel came down and caressed our soul with pure love. She is an amazing vocalist and healer.

Miten sang several tunes from his new album "Temple at Midnight" and his playing and voice was simply supreme. I felt and heard some Dylan influence in his songs, especially "River Man".  His talent as a musician and energy healer is something every musician should check out (in my opinion).  Cause it is not always about the music. It is about the Energy. And Miten has "IT".   So grateful to have had the opportunity to hear him up close and personal. :-)

Then there was Manose, the bansuri flute player, he was an embodiment of Krishna, divine love; with his beautiful sweet sounds that enveloped the room so gracefully.  

And you can not forget Rishi, the percussionist. He was definitely holding our hearts so tenderly with every beat. You could have felt his energy in his every tap, every glance. He was definitely very influential in raising our vibrations to another planet.  In my case, I was on the moon !  

It's chanting time, Lea ! 

Halfway into the 2nd set, I was called on stage.... so there I went. I stepped on the stage, blending my voice with Deva's, and moving the energy with the band... I think I was in the clouds.  

Funny enough, we sang "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"  one of my favorite mantras of all time, and we hadn't even practised it in sound check !!!  

Wow, talk about .. going with the flow !  But it went really well and I was so in Bliss!  :-)  I am so grateful for that experience, and it will be something I will never forget.


Mantra Music as Healing Practice

One thing I realized this weekend at Deva & Miten's concert, is that what they offer is far more beneficial than a "regular" concert. This was not your typical concert.  Their concert offers way more than that. This was a healing experience.  

For one song, (a mantra chant) where Miten explains that the melody was written by Manose, was a powerful example of where music meets healing. In this Chant, Namaste Namaste,Chidananda Rupeh, meaning "I bow to the one, Lord Shiva, the conscious mind immersed in bliss and happiness" where Miten asks us to sing to our partner, and then to the person sitting beside us.  

Wow, what an experience !  I could feel my heart opening and break free the energy within, and outwards. It was so amazing, I wanted to cry.  Therapeutic, it was ....

One Voice

At the end, the audience was also invited to go on stage with them to sing together as one.  This was unreal. I mean....which artists would invite their audience on stage to sing with them ?   NADA , none.  But to Deva and Miten, clearly, there is no separation between us.

As Deva explained to us, in her tender, soothing voice.... "Tonight, together, we are one voice" and one voice we were ....

Here is a little excerpt where I shared my voice singing with Deva and Miten.. 

Lea Longo sings with Deva Premal and Miten in Montreal 

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Namaste, Lea xox


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