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My Personal Story

Hi, My name is Lea Longo living in Montreal. I have a great passion for music, mantra yoga, and meditation. I have a unique background coming from a musical background of pop and jazz music (I have a BACHELOR in FINE arts with a JAZZ Studies major) and I was raised in an italian community where italian music and food was predominant as well, thus, the many italian wedding songs I have sung!

One thing to know about me is that I'm a sucker for a great melody, great mediterranean food and I love to travel.


About the Music 

I've had the pleasure of pursuing my music career in Hollywood and Montreal, from singing, winning songwriting awards and landing many successful songwriting placements in films, tv shows, and popular hollywood movies with my songs, (Dawson's Creek, Cheaper by the Dozen) while I lived in California for 3 years. My first pop album was very challenging to complete at first, but when it was finally released, the songs successfully soared and did quite well. I've recorded and released 4 more albums since then, mostly in the New Age and Mantra Music genre. The music was very well received and the album SONGS OF A SIREN (mantra/jazz) album also received a NOMINATION for  for BEST VOCAL ALBUM of the YEAR


About the Yoga & my Transformation

Although the music career was promising, I felt completely lost. My marriage was shattered by external negative forces and my communication was simply non-existent. I had post-partum depression and I had completely shut myself down. I had lost my purpose and my soul was crying out... LOUDLY!  It's a very sad moment (and especially to not know "how & why") to lose your "self" & those around you that you deeply love... 

It is when I visited India that everything changed. I discovered mantras. My transformation began, very slowly. :-/

Since that day, I haven't looked back. My musical direction changed, my whole life changed, and everything around me just started to make sense again. But it was not always easy. In fact, I was blinded by the signs around me. But I had faith and lots of passion!  I became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and studied the science of Mantra Yoga. I also enrolled myself into Landmark Education where my conversation with myself and others started transforming. I hired coaches, mentors which eventually lead me to become a private coach myself. Everything I learned, I put into practice into my own life, and it worked.  But it was a long process. But I finally came home.

Of course, there were many obstacles & challenges along the way !! But everything is possible, because where there is a will, there is a way !  

But the question is... how bad do you want it?  ( "IT" - being whatever your missing or trying to solve !)


Infinite Joy Now FOR YOU !

So my goal today, is to help as many people as possible to find your way home,

re-discover your infinite joy, re-define your purpose, attain freedom, Excellent Mental Health, and release the stress!  



Whether that will be through music, private coaching & meditation, kundalini yoga or simple daily mantras, I'm passionate about it, and I know now that we all have that blueprint laying in our subconscious minds, and in our divine spirit, but we are not awakened by it.  Let me help you find yours!


Live Happy NOW!   Time is ticking... 

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With Love

Lea xo 


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Mantra Meditation Laval


Meditation Mantra au bord de L'eau - Venez vous ressourcer !  

Venez vous ressourcir et découvrez la paix intérieure sur le bord de l'eau. Quand on est calme dans le mentale et l’énergie circule librement, on laisse place à l’harmonie. 

Notre groupe de méditation s’adonne à la méditation guidée et au yoga du son par les mantras suivie d’une période de relaxation profonde avec musique. Il s’agit d’une session d'une heure. Vous en ressentirez les bienfaits pendant et après la session.  

Couts  -  12 sessions - 179$ 


RESERVEZ ICI par carte de credit ou PAYPAL : 


ZEN EXPERIENCE (group sessions)
Laissez-vous l'expérience des mélodies apaisantes et mantras de Lea Longo , professeure de yoga kundalini,chanteuse/yogini dans une séance de méditation musicale appelée ZEN EXPERIENCE, une classe de Meditation et Yoga des Sons ou nous allons à l'intérieur, se détendre, respirer, et chanter des mantras dans une façon "appel et réponse".  La classe se débute avec la méditation guidée et la respiration suivi par la méditation mantra.

Pour info , envoyer courriel : 

Transformational Life Coaching & Music Coaching Programs


 Music Mentor PROGRAM

Coaching program with Lea includes:

  • Personal instruction for structuring chant based musical compositions and devotional songwriting
  • Personal coaching on dealing with emotional anxiety with public speaking and how to use your voice for singing vs speaking
  • Customized guidance for deepening your understanding and practice of Bhakti Yoga, Kirtans, Chant and Devotional singing 
  • Personalized support and resources for sharing your creative gifts and musical passion
  • Possibility to perform /chant with Lea at one of her Live events
  • Social marketing guidance on building your social media profile and online presence

The Program Includes:

  • 8 Phone, Skype, or In-Person sessions with Lea 
  • Take home exercises
  • Support for manifesting a project of your choice, (live concert, recording, speech,workshop)

The Coaching Program includes 8 sessions spaced to meet your schedule.

You can begin at anytime!

Your Enrollment Investment is: call me for INFO

For more info: Call 514 917 5322 or to Register


Or Click button below to book your FREE CONSULTATION session to better assess your goals 



INFINITE JOY NOW Coaching Program

Transformational Life Coaching with Lea includes:

  • Personalized four to six week program that is focused on personal transformation in one of the areas of your life (personal or relationships)
  • Personalized one on one private sessions that will help alleviate such issues as stress, anxiety, depressive, feeling lost as in your purpose in life, loss of loved ones, self-esteem, and lack of effective communication in relationships
  • take home meditation exercices
  • Personal support and weekly follow-up to situation at hand


The Program includes:

  • 4 or 6 Phone, skype or in- Person sessions with Lea
  • Take home weekly exercises
  • Support for manifesting a specific goal together


The coaching sessions are scheduled weekly to ensure a success to your goal!

Enrollment Investment : For info please call 514 917 5322 or ---> more info


Or Click button below to book your FREE CONSULTATION session to better assess your goals


😉GET INSPIRED with Neale Donald Walsch workshop & Lea Longo New Music this september !


Wanna Get Inspired ?   Voulez-vous être inspiré?


Lea Longo & Friends 


Imagine one FULL day with one of today's reknown spiritual messengers where you can ask ANY question you want ? 

Maybe it's love, your career, or your own spiritual quest that needs awakening... Just think how lovely you will feel, after having some of those questions being answered. 

Don't miss this one-of-a-Lifetime event !  
Tickets available:  Regular Seating 150$ (taxes incl)

MAISON THEATRE - 245 ONTARIO east, Montreal


Imaginez une JOURNÉE COMPLÈTE AVEC NEALE DONALD WALSCH avec l’un des enseignants spirituels les plus renommés aujourd'hui, profitez de cette unique opportunité pour poser des questions importantes pour vous.

Peut-être est-ce au sujet de l'amour, de votre carrière ou de votre propre mission spirituelle qui nécessite un plus grand éveil... Imaginez le bonheur que vous ressentirez de trouver écho à certaines de ces questions qui vous tient le plus à cœur dans votre évolution

Ne manquez pas cet événement unique à Montréal. 
Faites vite, le nombre de places est limité !!!
BILLETS disponibles pour tous les budgets à partir 150 $ (taxes incl.)


MAISON THEATRE - 245 Ontario est, Montreal



feat Lea Longo, DJ Taz Rashid, Shawn Mativetsky, (tablas) Perry Pansieri (djembe) & Federico Panserini (guitar)

Come hear, chant, meditate & DANCE with us on this special evening where we will play some brand NEW SONGS (and old ones) from Lea's new album LONGO LOUNGE where chant meets lounge/chill music.  

Hear a music sample by clicking here 

Tickets: 25$ 
Maison Theatre - 245 Ontario Street east
Time: 7:30 PM



feat Lea Longo ( chanteuse) DJ Taz Rashid, Shawn Mativetsky (tablas), Perry Pansieri (djembe) & Federico Penserini (guitar)

Venez chanter, méditer et vibrez avec nous lors de cette soirée toute spéciale qui soulignera la sortie du nouvel album LONGO LOUNGE de Lea, une NOUVELLE EXPÉRIENCE MUSICALE où les Chants sacrés rencontrent les sonorités rythmés et profondes Lounge et Chill.

Ecoutez un extrait musicale   CLIQUER ICI 

Billets Concert : 25$ ( taxes incluses)
Maison Theatre - 245 Rue Ontario.
Heure: 19h30